Up Close and Personal with Seth Fisher of Mel Foster Co. Referral Company!

Yesterday, we shared with you what’s next for Seth and his real estate business. Today, we want to wrap up the week sharing with you what Seth enjoys doing outside of work.

They often combine pleasure with business: On a recent trip to Austin, Seth met a Remax realtor there to talk about the local market. On another trip to Washington, D.C., they visited Gallaudet University, a federally chartered private school for the deaf and hard of hearing. As a hearing person, Seth had to get his own speaking guide to translate what was being signed around them.

The couple hopes to make it down to South America or Mexico soon. “Traveling can be so eye-opening,” says Seth. “With my background in customer service, I genuinely enjoy working with people. Being able to learn about how people live outside of my own community is so rewarding.”


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