Up Close and Personal with Eron Wilson of RecycleMe Iowa!

Yesterday, we shared with you what’s next for Eron Wilson and his company, RecycleMe Iowa. Today, we want to wrap up the week sharing with you what Eron enjoys doing outside of work.

Beyond the success and growth of RecycleMe Iowa, Eron has enjoyed an added bonus of that serendipitous meeting with Ciji Mitrisin back in 2015–he and Ciji are now engaged! The two recently moved into a new home and are enjoying making it their own.

They are also planning on doing some traveling in the next year to scout for the perfect wedding location. “We want to spend some time on a beach somewhere with our favorite people,” Eron says. The two love visiting new cities together, a favorite being New Orleans. “That’s actually where I bought her engagement ring!”

When Eron’s not traveling with Ciji, he can be found doing projects around home or with friends, thanks to his background in woodworking and construction. He loves socializing with friends at a local bar, hunting for wild mushrooms, playing disc golf, and checking out new restaurants in town.

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