Time for a Fresh Image? Sadie Howar knows how!


Now we will let Sadie’s work do the talking!  All of Modern Muse’s marketing is done by Sadie Howar.  She created Modern Muse’s brand from literally nothing more than a dream in Tiffany’s heart.

Now look at the fresh image that she has created in less than a year.  Though Tiffany has done her line of work for 9 years now, she re-branded with Sadie and has created more momentum in the last year than she did in the first 8 years in business.  She knows this is because of Sadie’s guidance.

We hope that you spend some time perusing Modern Muse’s website to see just how talented Sadie Howar is with Fresh Image.  We are confident you won’t be disappointed with the work that Sadie Howar does!

Modern Muse’s website is www.modernmuseconsulting.com.


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