The Why’s!

Over the last several weeks, we have shared with you the path that led to Modern Muse Consulting making the decision to host its upcoming Glow! retreat. We also shared with you how the practitioners got involved and each of their individual accolades.

Now it is time to share with you why Modern Muse Consulting is incorporating massage, healing touch, pedicures and mandala training into their upcoming retreat. These choices were made by Tiffany Tokarz due to her research in the realm of neuroscience and what it takes to consistently stay tapped into the zones of that lead to peak performance.

Why is this relevant to the upcoming Glow! retreat? It is because in order to Glow! you need to be consistent in your efforts to let the purity of your soul and the passion you have for living radiate in your daily living. As you do this consistently, you stay tapped into peak performance zones. If you do this over time, the trajectory of your life takes a completely different projection. You have a much more rewarding and successful life.

Stay tuned over the next couple of days to learn more about the science that supports the importance of these different healing modalities: massage, healing touch, pedicures and mandala training. There is more and more evidence supporting that this type of pampering is no longer a luxury, but a requirement to meet the demands of modern day living.

Are you ready to commit to attending the Glow! retreat, email Tiffany’s assistant Linda at for an application. The Glow! Team is excited to be at your service soon!


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