The path lights up along the way!

Last week, we left you at the edge of the cliff.  What happened next?  Before we share this, let’s share what happened the night before.

The night before she was talking to one of her acquaintances about the vision of the retreat.  Tiffany had asked this lady if she knew of any chefs.  This woman said, “Oh my gosh… You need to contact that Sheree Clark!”  Tiffany had never heard of Sheree Clark.   Or had she?

She didn’t realize until that morning when she conscientiously chose to re-direct her energy in alignment with her vision that she did know of Sheree Clark.  She didn’t know this until she pulled over to the side of the road; put Sheree Clark into her google search that Sheree was the owner of “Fork in the Road.”

Tiffany was in awe!   For those of you who have been following the story, you understand why this is such a significant piece of the story.  It took over 6 months for “the rest of the story” to germinate and yet there seemed to be yet another “fork in the road” and this was leading those who were going to attend the Modern Muse Glow! retreat to launch to new heights.  Tiffany just knew it!  It ran through her veins.

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