The Path Continues to Light Up Along the Way!

Over the last week, we shared why Tricia Rivas with Trixie’s Salon is involved with Glow!   Today we are going to share with you how Carolyn Krafka got involved.  It only makes sense that we share this next because Tricia Rivas is the one who facilitated the introduction between Modern Muse and Carolyn Krafka.

Tiffany was sharing the vision of the retreat with Tricia and she said I have a couple of different massage therapists who I would recommend.  Of course, Tiffany took her up on her recommendations.   One introduction by Tricia led me to the introduction of Carolyn Krafka with Prairie Song Massage.

As you might imagine, Modern Muse is beyond thrilled to partner with Carolyn Krafka.

Are you ready to be pampered to prosperity?  Email Tiffany Tokarz’ assistant, Linda, at for a Glow! application.


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