The Founding of Modern Muse

In our post yesterday, we shared Modern Muse’s last guiding principle, “Seek and you shall find!” This is the guiding principle that gave birth to Modern Muse.

How did this happen? Tiffany Tokarz was challenged by her marketing strategist to ask her clients to define what she did for them in order to surge forward on their intended path. She consistently heard from each of her clients that she inspired them to be more; and that she provided them the tools & resources to become more.

With that her husband and she spent countless hours seeking out a company name that summarized “inspiration.” After days of scouring the internet, they both came to the conclusion that a muse from Greek Mythology was perfect. From there, they decided they needed to add Modern in front of it because of all the research that Tiffany has done on strategic planning & neuroscience.

Tiffany finally had a brand that summarized it all. She inspires sales professionals to work “on” their business in order for them to be more productive and profitable “in” their business. She incorporates strategic planning and practicing extreme self-care in everything that she does for her clients. This is because of all the research she has done on neuroscience. She knows what it takes for professionals to tap into peak performance realms. It takes both strategic planning and practicing extreme self-care.

And with that…. It is by no accident that we celebrate the birth of Tiffany’s company, Modern Muse, today! Today is Tiffany’s birthday.


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