Talking Future Plans with Kris Cox!

KrisLast week we told you how CMR  stands out in the market place. Today, Kris Cox shares her perspective on the future of CMR.

Incredibly, CMR has come this far through word of mouth only, basing the bulk of their work on customer referrals. How’s that for great advertising? “For many years, we never advertised,” Kris says. “We just started doing any kind of marketing in the last year.” It’s no surprise, then, that Kris sees the customer base as a strong priority. She says she wants to figure out ways to do more for their customers, and offer additional ways to help. “I see our company growing every day with our people learning something new often. What can we do that is bigger and better? These are the priorities I’d like to have for the future.” It’s safe to say they are definitely headed in the right direction!

Customers and businesses alike can learn a few tips from CMR and their phenomenal track record with client referrals. Do you want to learn more? Connect with Kris or visit their website to learn more.


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