Talking Business Dreams with Nathan Thompson!

nathanYesterday we shared with you how Good Life Landscaping stands out in the market place. Today Nathan Thompson talks about where he sees Good Life Landscaping going!

Nathan says he’d like to incorporate more landscape design into his business in the next few years. He recently has hired a talented landscape architect who does unique design work, impressing clients along the way. “We had a client who had a rock wall that needed built and there were existing trees there. Rather than remove them, he incorporated a design style around the trees in an artful way and the clients absolutely loved it. It was their favorite part,” he says. In addition to adding more design build landscape service, Nathan would like to grow their tree care wing by hiring certified arborists. He hopes that it will help his business become more established in different areas of central Iowa. “I’d love to get to the point where we are more known in Ankeny and Des Moines for special design work and landscaping,” he says.

Do you have a landscaping project and searching for a good landscaping company to work with? Consider Good Life Landscaping for all of your outdoor landscaping needs. Do you want to learn more? Connect with Nathan on LinkedIn or visit his website to learn more.

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