Talking About Future Plans with Andrea Wilcox!


Yesterday we shared with you how Andrea Wilcox stands out in her industry. Today Andrea Wilcox talks about her future goals with Central Financial Group!

Andrea says that she’d like to shift gears when it comes to the types of clients she’s helping on a regular basis. She has a goal to help more small businesses with their financial planning. “We would love to dive in and help more small businesses (which she defines as 2-50 employees).” Andrea says that it’s been her experience that a lot of small businesses don’t know how to retain employees and/or plan for an eventual succession. “I’d like to be able to teach them how to retain these great people and get their business headed in the right direction,” she says. “A lot of times they have no idea what to do and I know we can help them. It would be great to also transition into working with employers and their employees on comprehensive planning, in addition to our current clients.”

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