Take a Look at Eli Holt’s Milestones with CMR!



Yesterday we introduced you to Eli Holt with CMR. Today we want to share with you a few of the milestone highlights that the company has enjoyed.

Eli opened the doors of his business in 2001 and officially filed with the state. By 2005, after doing windows and siding for four to five years, he was making enough to start investing in tools and taking care of his workers better. He soon caught a lucky break by doing a small job for both Walmart and PF Changs. After ten years into his business, he caught another lucky break with a random phone call asking to put in a pop machine at a convenience store. Eli says the job itself was new to his team but they showed up and knocked it out of the park, which led to years of heating/cooling work for Casey’s General Stores. “We proved we could get things done and we treated others the way I wanted to be treated,” he says. Eli has seen CMR grow consistently from a quarter of a million in sales to half a million and then to $1 million mostly in five-year increments. Eli started working with Modern Muse last November and he says his company is projected to hit $2 million in revenue for this year. “I’m very aware that I have to surround myself with a team that allows me to succeed and to plan easier,” he says. It appears that the team at CMR is doing everything right.

Do you have a project that requires construction services? Consider CMR! Contact Eli if you’d like to learn more about the services they offer.  Or feel free to check out their website for more information.



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