Sometimes all it takes is the right questions.

Yesterday we talked about Modern Muse’s guiding principle #2: It is impossible to not serve your purpose and yet you get to choose how intentional you want to be about serving your purpose.

This principle is what led Tiffany Tokarz to start her company in 2006. She wanted to intentionally serve her purpose in her professional life. She had climbed the corporate ladder in different sales roles. From the perspective of the world, she had experienced extreme amounts of success in a short time period and yet she felt like she was being called to something more. In order to explore what this might be, she hired a coach. Her coach asked: “What do you love about your work? Even better yet what do you love about life in general?” These simple questions are what put her on the path. This is guiding principle #3: Sometimes all it takes is the right questions.

If you want to be more intentional about creating a lifestyle both personally & professionally, let Modern Muse guide you down the path through a series of pointed questions to help you. You will be amazed by the clarity that will surface.


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