Some Things are Simply Meant to Be!

Last week we laid the foundation for the unfolding of the story that led to Modern Muse’s first annual conference.

Today we are going to explore how Tiffany and Tracy met.  It is all because Tiffany reached out to a business man who she respects and admires, Randy Bray.  She wanted advice on business and if you know Randy, you know that he is definitely someone you feel fortunate to have in your life.

After meeting with Randy, he said to Tiffany, “You need to meet Tracy Fuller.”  She has a similar vision and I think the two of you will hit it off!

He was right, but it unfolded differently than Randy or Tiffany had anticipated.  It turned out even better!

Do you want to continue following our story?  Tomorrow we will talk about Tiffany and Tracy’s first encounter and why it still makes them laugh today.


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