Sheree Clark Up Close & Personal!

Yesterday we shared a clip of Sheree Clark in action.  Today we want to give you a taste of what she likes to do outside of work.

Sheree has built her life around living authentically.  This includes starting most mornings on her yoga mat.  She loves to get up early and start her day by practicing yoga.  She has found this to be something that she can’t imagine her life without.  Similar to how she feels about her cat, Lotus!  Lotus is definitely a source of joy for her in her everyday life!

She also loves to explore!  She takes as many trips as possible each year because she finds that traveling keeps her inspired and fresh!  Many times she will find a way to incorporate her love to travel with her desire to continue to grow spiritually by attending retreats.  She finds that her spiritual growth helps her with insight that, in turn, helps her with how she approaches her business.


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