Set Sell! with Merit Resources


Yesterday we gave you some insight into the strategy behind Modern Muse’s conference Set Sell!   This unique flare is what enticed Merit Resources to team-up with Modern Muse when Tiffany Tokarz pitched the idea to them.  She knew that Merit Resource’s involvement would help her team take their annual conference to the next level.

Merit Resources is an accredited Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Which makes having employees easy for hundreds of small to medium sized businesses.  Their job is to let you focus on your critical business issues with a unique business model that allows you to bundle all of your HR, benefits, training, payroll and worker’s comp needs.

  • Working with Merit means a reduction in liability and labor costs and an increase in time, productivity and profits.  This lines-up with what Modern Muse works toward assisting its clients.  This is yet another reason why this was a smart business decision for both companies to work together.
  • Merit’s Fortune 500-style benefits will help you attract and retain top talent.
  • With Merit’s depth and breadth of expertise, they can offer full human resources, benefits, payroll and workers comp coverage for you and your employees that no small business could do on their own.
  • Merit partners with you 24/7 to help you take advantage of every opportunity and manage every challenge.
  • Merit will save you time, hassle and money and best of all — you’ll know that all of your personnel issues are being managed so you can stay focused on growing your business:

In a recent study it was shown that businesses that hire companies like Merit for professional HR partnership services grow 9% faster than those who handle HR alone.  This aligns with what we mentioned yesterday.  You must invest into your success to get the kind of return that is possible to achieve on your investment of energy.

  • In addition to this, managing employees successfully can be complicated.  They make it easy! 

What can you expect to learn over the next couple of days about Merit Resources?  

We will be sharing more about the talent representing Merit Resources and why Modern Muse is lucky to have Merit Resources teaming up with them to make this next annual conference even better than the last one.

Do you want more information about Merit Resources?  Visit their website by going to  



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