Set Sell! with Chris Mason by Intentionally Growing Your Team

Employee-Life-Cycle-Stages-Yesterday we shared with you how thrilled Modern Muse is to team up with Chris Mason with Merit Resources.  Today we want you to know more about what Chris plans to present at Modern Muse’s upcoming Set Sell! Conference.

As a sales professional, your goal is to grow.  The challenge is that as you grow, there comes a time that you realize you aren’t building your business any longer.  You are simply maintaining it.  This is a good indication that it’s time to hire help.

Many professionals say they will worry about this when the time comes.  The challenge with this is that without preparing for this type of growth, it might not come or even worse, it will come before you are prepared.



You don’t want to miss out on learning how to strategically plan to hire so you can manage the employee cycle effectively.  Chris Mason’s breakout session, “Stay the Course with Intention: Manage the Employee Cycle with Ease” will save you money, energy and effort.  Who has time to waste money, energy or effort?  Not anyone who wants to create intentional growth by turning prospects into raving fans!

Set Sell! with us on January 5th!  Buy your tickets today at


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