Serving Your Purpose

In our post yesterday, we mentioned that Modern Muse’s #1 guiding principle is that every person on this planet has a unique purpose that only they can serve. If this is the case, Tiffany Tokarz must operate from the perspective that she has a unique purpose. Right? If not, she would be a hypocrite.

If this is the case, what is Tiffany Tokarz’ purpose? First of all she doesn’t believe her purpose lies in the role she plays in her business; nor does she believe that her purpose lies in the role she plays as a spouse, a friend, a volunteer, a daughter or a sister. Each of these roles serve her purpose, but her purpose is much bigger than this. This is what she believes gets people hung up when they think about their purpose. The beauty of your purpose is that you are serving your purpose whether you consciously choose to align with it — or not. This is Modern Muse’s guiding principle #2: It is impossible not to serve your purpose and yet you get to choose how intentional you want to be about serving your purpose.

If you want to be more intentional about serving your purpose in your role as a sales professional, reach out to us to experience the Modern Muse difference.


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