Seek and you shall find!

In our post yesterday, we shared what Modern Muse has become through the years. What we left out, though, is why Modern Muse is what it is today: There was no where that Tiffany Tokarz could go work and practice her unique approach to creating intentional results. There was no franchise she could purchase. She had to create her own company.

Running a business is hard work! No matter what! It is even more challenging when you don’t have the option to purchase a businessĀ or a franchise. In the beginning years, Tiffany wished she would have had that option. And now that she has struggled through the lean years, she is grateful for all that she has learned through the process of getting her start-up off the ground.

This leads us to Modern Muse’s guiding principle #5: Seek and you shall find! In your obstacles, lie opportunities. In your opportunities, lie an even greater level of prosperity. It is through perfecting your intentions that you tap into more than you ever knew was possible.


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