Say Hello to Andrea Wilcox with Central Financial Group!


Here at Modern Muse Consulting, we like to feature our clients as part of a weekly blog promotion designed to give you a sneak peek at the individuals & companies we’ve been able to help. Today’s post introduces you to Andrea Wilcox with Central Financial Group!

Andrea has been working in the financial industry for close to 14 years where she learned how to listen to clients and offer them a wealth of knowledge and products. But there was a distinct advantage for her to join Central Financial Group in 2012: it was an opportunity to work for an independent financial services company. “Being an independent advisor means I can offer you a broad portfolio of products from some of the most recognizable financial services companies in the business. This approach may be more favorable than, for example, if I work for a company that only allows me to work with their products. That may not be in your best interest,” she says. Andrea says that ability to offer competitive products helps her to pass along peace of mind to her clients. “Every day is an opportunity to really help someone. After each appointment, they feel like a 100 pounds have been lifted from them.”

As an advisor specializing in retirement planning and estate planning, Andrea has a number of techniques that she can use to help her clients. Would you like to connect with her? Visit her website to learn more.

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