Refuse to Be Anything Less Than Successful!





Yesterday we shared with you some of the success Tricia has experienced over the last 20+ years.  Today we are going to remind you that every success story has an underbelly.  An underbelly is defined as an area vulnerable to attack.

At the upcoming Modern Muse conference, Tricia is going to share the different struggles she has had to overcome along the way.  It hasn’t always been easy for her and yet she has chosen to persevere with every step she has taken.  In fact, there have been many times that Tiffany has heard Tricia say, “I refuse to be anything but successful.”

Do you want to hear the details of Tricia’s journey on the way to the top?  She’s not done yet!  We invite you to mark your calendars to attend Modern Muse’s Set Sell! conference scheduled for Tuesday, January 5th in 2016.


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