Preparation + Opportunity = LUCKY

Now that we have shared with you the science that supports the importance of what we eat, it’s time to share with you the power of visual imaging: Visual images can breakdown internal barriers that slow us down from transforming into a fuller expression of who you are being called to be.

Those who are interested in attending the Glow! retreat have a vision of something greater than what they are experiencing today.  And yet there are reasons why they haven’t manifested what they desire as of yet.  They aren’t quite ready for what they want yet.  We want them to get prepared for what they want!

Preparation + Opportunity = Luck

At the Glow! retreat, you will be given the opportunity to work with Sarah Spain with Mandala Cynosure.  The intent behind this is to teach you the power of art therapy and how imagery can create your own personal lucky charm.

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