Pamper Yourself to Prosperity!

Last week we shared why Carolyn was selected to get involved with the upcoming Glow! retreat.  Today we are going to share with Carolyn accepted the invitation.  After all, Carolyn and Tiffany had never even met before she said “yes” to getting involved.

First of all, it was because of Tiffany Tokarz’ reputation.  Carolyn did her homework before she said, “Yes!”  The second reason was because it is a part of Carolyn’s business model to do massage off-site.   She enjoys doing these type of one-time special events, like Glow!  The third reason was because of the location.  She is drawn to water.  She was the massage therapist at a yoga retreat at Honey Creek Resort in May and it was pure bliss!  This is why when Tiffany mentioned that the retreat was going to be held in a beautiful home on Lake Panorama, it was a no-brainer!

Last, but not least, Carolyn was diagnosed with Grave’s disease in January.  As many of  you know this is an autoimmune disease.  Due to this, Carolyn decided that it was time to focus on taking really good care of herself.   As part of this, she decided in July to take advantage of every birthday discount offer she received.  So in July, she bought new bed pillows and linens, bought a lovely new jacket and got 3 massages.  Without doing anything different at Prairie Song, she attracted several new clients in July.

Is this a coincidence?  Maybe!  Or maybe she was pampering herself to prosperity?

You don’t want to miss out on attending the upcoming Glow! retreat.  The Glow! Team can’t wait to pamper you to prosperity!  Join us tomorrow night at Eagle Wings River Retreat Center to learn more information about our retreat scheduled on October 2nd through October 4th.


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