Our Strategic & Simple Trick Works! Why?

grow1Yesterday we encouraged you to try a simple trick to grow your business.  Today we want share with you why this simple technique is effective.

In the field of psychology, there are two ways in which to solve problems.  You can use an algorithm or a heuristic problem solving technique.

In the real world, it is near impossible to use an algorithm to solve problems and this is why we are going to focus on the heuristic problem solving techniques.  There are two heuristic problem-solving techniques:  availability or representativeness.

The representativeness technique is when you are utilizing a new technique that you haven’t tried before.  The availability technique is when you are using a solution that has worked for you in the past.

This is why our recommendation yesterday can make such a FAST difference in your results if you embrace it.  When you know what works and you execute on it, you combine both commitment and conviction!  Your level of self-efficacy increases.   The rest is history!

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