Organizational development psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. Oh my!

And now the fun begins!! We have carved the path for Modern Muse. The journey Tiffany Tokarz chose to take was for the joy of serving you! She has done her homework. She wanted to offer a service that was unique. Different from anything else that was out there! She wanted to unlock the mysteries of life — or at least try! In order to attempt the impossible, she has read the bible cover-to-cover. She wanted to understand spiritual truth. This took her over four years.

Her Masters degree is in Organizational Development Psychology. She pursued this degree so she could better understand the necessary strategy to build companies that will be effective in the new economy.

She has spent countless hours researching neuroscience. She knows the only way to be intentional is to understand how the brain functions. (And by the way, this is by far her favorite research. Don’t get her started. She is a neuroscience nerd!)

In addition to all of this, she has started to study quantum physics. She feels in order to apply all of this, it is necessary to understand the Earth’s energetic fields and how they work.

The beauty in what she has uncovered is this: There is tremendous continuity in all these different fields. This means our creator designed a world that works together in perfect harmony. All you have to do is seek and you shall find! As you do this, everything in your life changes for the better. Absolutely everything!

Are you a sales professional? Are you ready to experience the Modern Muse difference?


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