Nutritional Neuroscience: Why does it matter?

Over the last four weeks, we shared the journey that led to Modern Muse and how this led to the creation of the upcoming Modern Muse Glow! retreat.  Now we can finally embark on the science supporting the promise of transformation during this weekend retreat.

Nutritional neuroscience is the scientific discipline that studies the effects of various components of the diet such as minerals, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fats, dietary supplements, synthetic hormones and food additives.  Each of these play an important part in how we think and feel.

This is why Tiffany knew it was imperative to find a chef who understood the importance of the impact our food has on cognition if she was going to provide the type of transformation she was seeking to provide to those who attended Glow!

Sheree Clark not only understands this; she embodies this in her work as a holistic health and nutrition counselor.   On top of this, Sheree’s credentials are a mile long!  This is why we can’t wait to share with you how truly amazing your chef is for the weekend retreat Glow!

Are you ready to transform into a fuller expression of who you are being called to be?  Visit for more information.


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