Nathan Thompson Shares How Good Life Landscaping Sets Itself Apart!

nathanLast week we shared what motivates Nathan Thompson! Today we want to share with you how Good Life Landscaping stands out in the marketplace.

If customers want a cookie-cutter approach, they won’t find that with Good Life Landscaping. Nathan says he likes that his company offers a much more individual solution for clients. “I think we are pretty adaptable,” he says. “We don’t get pulled just into one area to stay, like commercial landscaping. We’ve had developers come to us and want us to be their exclusive subcontracting company for similar jobs that don’t have a lot of variation.” Nathan says he would much rather be known as a company that is constantly pushing the envelope on quality of design. “We’d rather be known for our unique custom designs than recognizable cookie-cutter plant palette style.  The whole point of ‘style’ is to be exceptional in some way; mass produced is not our thing.”


If you like Nathan’s business model and want to learn more about his company, contact him via LinkedIn or visit his website to learn more.

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