Modern Muse’s Glow! Retreat was a smashing success!

During the past weekend, Modern Muse hosted their first annual Glow! Retreat.  The retreat was intimate and life-changing.  It wasn’t exactly how Tiffany had envisioned and yet it was even more meaningful.  Why you might ask?  The decision to host the retreat was a life-long dream.  She felt called and when you answer the call from within, it always leads you exactly where you are supposed to be.

During the retreat, Tiffany taught the power of incorporating extreme self-care practices, prosperity principles and strategic planning.  After years of research, this is what Tiffany knows unlocks your own personal mysteries.

What’s on the horizon next for Modern Muse after this life-changing event?  

Tiffany will be sharing one of the many nuggets that she taught at the Glow! Retreat in a downloadable online workshop.

What is one of these nuggets?

She has created a “theory” called the destiny continuum.  She believes that each of us has been given a destiny and yet we have free will to execute within our destiny continuum.  What does that mean?  You will get to learn soon enough!  This is, of course, if you pay to download the online workshop.

Do you want to get on the waiting list to be one of the first to download Modern Muse’s Intentional Growth System?  Simply email Tiffany’s assistant, Linda Minks:

This system will help you unlock and tap into your full potential.

Isn’t that exciting?  In the comfort of your own home, you will be able to do the work that will lead you to the most prosperous version of you!  Again, Modern Muse is thrilled about this because we will be able to be at your service 24-hours a day & 365-days a year.   There will be more details about this in the near future!


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