Modern Muse Wants You to Thrive!

Yesterday we gave you a teaser of what is yet to come! Today we are going to share with you why massage is so important for you. In the fast-paced society in which we live, massage is no longer a luxury if you want to thrive.

This is because in order to thrive, you cannot be consistently stressed. The challenge is that once you start to experience stress on a consistent basis, it is near impossible to stop the cycle.

This is how it happens. Experiences cause neurons to fire in our brains. Repeated experiences cause neurons to fire repeatedly. Neurons that “fire together wire together,” strengthening neural connections. Strong neural connections become neural pathways and neural networks. This experience-triggered neural firing is how ALL neural pathways become patterns of response, and how all structures of the brain mature. This is how all patterns are laid down in the brain; it is also how they can change.

The good news is your brain has high-levels of plasticity. This means that you can change the wiring of the brain, but it becomes more and more challenging to do so after neuron-pathways are strong. This is why it is so much easier to do this through massage than it is to “think” yourself off the ledge.

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