Meet TJ Tollakson!

TJ 3


Yesterday we shared with you how Modern Muse got introduced to TJ.  Today we are going to share a little bit about TJ Tollakson’s athletic passion!

TJ is a part-time inventor and full-time triathlete.  He is an Ironman champion and to say this man is an accomplished athlete would be an understatement.  He has a Wikipedia page in German due to his athletic success for goodness sake.

He attributes his success to passion.  The only reason is his company was founded was because of his passion.  He didn’t seek out his business.  His business sought him out!  He invented a bike to help him improve his speed in competition.  Word traveled in the triathlete community and the rest is history!

Stay tuned!  We are going to continue to share more stories’ about TJ’s passion and how this led to his success as both an athlete and a business owner.  If you can’t wait another day to learn more, we understand!  Visit Ruster Sport’s website by clicking on this link:



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