Meet Tabitha Jamerson with Happy Medium by Attending Set Sail!

tabathaYesterday we shared with you some of Grace Wenzel’s biggest accomplishments with Happy Medium.  Today we want to introduce you to Tabitha Jamerson!  Tabitha will be presenting with Grace in the Happy Medium Breakout session.

Tabaitha is also a social media strategist for Happy Medium.  In her role, she is responsible for managing just about everything for a client’s social media profiles. From creation to implementation, Tabitha is in charge of strategies and campaigns, drives engagement, generates reports and manages customer service. Tabitha has a degree in advertising with a minor in psychology from Iowa State University.

She can’t wait to share her expertise with all who attend the Set Sail! Conference.  She loves the impact her work has on the results her clients at Happy Medium achieve!

Are you ready to make the commitment to Set Sail! in the direction of your vision for 2017?

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