Meet Eli Holt with CMR!


Here at Modern Muse Consulting, we like to feature our clients as part of a weekly blog promotion designed to give you a sneak peek at the companies we’ve been able to help. Last week we introduced you to Justin with Evergreen Services. Today’s post introduces you to Eli Holt, founder of CMR!

After learning a good work ethic from his grandma, Eli started out working for other construction companies. He soon learned that if he wanted things to be different, he had to change them himself. It was this belief that gave him the drive to create something better. “I knew I could change the culture of a company and make it a small family-owned business that gave people careers instead of jobs,” he says. At a certain point it clicked that this was a better way of running a business. By 2012, his wife joined him in managing the business with values based on trust, respect and integrity. “I had to surround myself with a better group of people, who actually wanted to help grow the business.”  Since then, the company has done nothing but grow, and Eli doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Would you like to connect with Eli?  Feel free to email him at or visit CMR’s  website  to learn more.

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