Meet Amy Engstrom & Todd Dahleen with 2 Men & A Dame Cleaning!

Over the last several weeks we have been celebrating our clients at Modern Muse Consulting!  Today we get the privilege of continuing to do just that!

Amy Engstrom and Todd Dahleen have been in business together since 2003.  They started their full-service cleaning company because Amy loves to clean!   She has been doing this as a hobby now for over thirty years and decided it was time to make a living doing what she loves!   They started their business in Nebraska and as the saying goes, “The rest is history.”

Two Men and a Dame got their start as Dahleen’s Cleaning and had a robust start!   Over the years, Todd and Amy made the decision to re-brand to add a fun-twist to their up & coming business.  This has worked in their favor!   In fact, they were recently asked to be featured on Great Day’s Focus on Business segment because of the fun brand they have created!

Do you want to find out what 2 Men & A Dame can do for  you?  You can reach Amy at 515-729-0494.

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