Marissa Dombrowski Shares Why Northwestern Mutual Stands Above the Rest!

MarissaYesterday we shared what motivates Marissa Dombrowski! Today we want to share with you what makes Northwestern Mutual a leading company in the financial planning sphere.

Clients have a huge advantage when partnering with Northwestern Mutual: a one-stop-shop service. Marissa says that having one advisor who can help you with different aspects is key. “A lot of people have an investment guy and an insurance guy, and they’re both saying different things. A big advantage our team provides is that we help our clients incorporate their insurance and investments in one spot.” In addition, she says that she takes the time to learn each clients’ unique situation. “Not only are we going to help you get to retirement, we’re going to advise you on a tax strategy behind the distribution. I’ll walk you through how to minimize that while also making your plan efficient on the back end. Everyone’s situation is different. And at Northwestern Mutual, we pride ourselves on taking the time to learn a client’s situation and base our recommendations on that,” she says.

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