Love, Trust and Boundaries: The Great Balancing Act!

Yesterday’s post was all about faith and hope. These are two virtues that we hold near and dear to our hearts at Modern Muse.  And yet, in the same respect, we know our boundaries and how to take care of ourselves. It’s crucial to know your limits and be able to practice Extreme Self-Care in every aspect of your life: both personal and professional. We know that sometimes, it’s good to say no, or take a personal day, or give ourselves a break. We know that we are only human and because WE are human – and we aren’t immortal! We bruise easily, but we also heal each and every time.

This is why we want our clients to be so sure of themselves that they know when to push forward and when to pull back. We want them to look to us in times of uncertainty so that we can help nudge them in the right direction – whether that be a time of rest and reflection or a time to surge forward and tackle every goal in sight!

And so, as much as we ask those we work and live with to be gentle with our hearts and souls, we also trust our sense of judgment and give others the benefit of the doubt. This Natasha Bedingfield song captures our feelings of vulnerability and self-awareness all wrapped in one. Please take a listen and tell us what sort of tactics you use to protect yourself; and how you’ve learned to go with your gut!

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