Lift Off!

Yesterday we gave you a taste as to what to expect in our upcoming blog post campaign.  Today we want to continue to share with you our inspiration to launch this campaign.

Tiffany Tokarz, our CEO, used to spend hours recording songs from the radio and CDs to tapes so she could use music to keep her going as she trained to run her first marathon when she was 19 years old.  She knows that without music, running for 4 hours and 35 minutes and never stopping once to walk would not have been possible had she not had her favorite music playing.

This is yet another example of how powerful music has been in Tiffany’s life.  The beauty of this is she knows that she is not the only one who loves music and is inspired by it!  Join us as we launch our campaign by clicking here to watch Beyonce Lift Off!  Beyonce is definitely one of the musicians who we “brand crush on” at Modern Muse Consulting!

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