Learn Why You Want to Know Jason Kiesau!

jason_kiesauYesterday we shared with you a little bit about Jason Kiesau, one of the speakers for Modern Muse’s Annual Conference, “Set Sell!”

Today we are going to continue to give you more information about what makes him tick.

Jason has been studying personal, professional, and leadership development for most of his adult life. Adversity in his early 20’s made him rethink his approach to the world and motivated him to study the characteristics of success. Within months of turning 24, he created his “By 30 Vision” and knew he wanted to spend his life teaching, training, coaching, counseling, or speaking.

Today he travels across the country working with leaders in the areas of Success Skills Mastery, self-management, relationship building, strategic thinking, and creating high performing teams. Jason’s purpose is to inspire confidence in everyone he works with, and he is passionate about helping them pursue and achieve meaningful results.

You don’t want to miss this inspirational man share his tips & tricks for being the best version of you! If you want more information about Jason, visit http://jasonkiesau.com.


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