Laugh All The Way to the Bank!

laughYesterday we shared with you that we are selective about who we choose to work with as clients at Modern Muse.  Let us share with you another criterion we have about who we select.  We will only work with clients who are fun and like to laugh!

Why do we have this as a criterion?

First of all, it aligns with our brand.   We like to laugh at Modern Muse.

Also, there is neurological proof that those who are happy are more successful in business & life.   We could support this with scientific data and case study after case study. And yet, do you really want that?  Wouldn’t you rather just trust us?  Better yet, don’t you inherently already know that your level of happiness has a direct impact on creating Intentional Growth?  This is why it just makes sense for us to only work with professionals who are fun & like to laugh!

Do you want to laugh all the way to the bank?

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  1. Absolutely TRUE! Wisdom…Keep laughing:)

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