Kristy Catrett Shares How So Betty Stands Out!

fullsizerenderYesterday we shared what motivates Kristy Catrett! Today we want to share with you how So Betty stands out in the marketplace!

A big key, Kristy says, is color. “So Betty is loud, colorful, bright and crazy!” she says. It was important for the patterns to stand out literally. “I strive to create things that make you feel good when you have them. So Betty’s tagline is Chic, Unique and Handmade. I sew everything by hand, which means what you’re getting is customized and one of a kind.” Kristy says she also spends a lot of time making sure the presentation of gifts is just right. She comes up with all of her own designs and each one tells a story behind it. There’s a reason behind the fabrics and colors Kristy chooses. And she promises an instant mood lift upon seeing her items. “If I’m ever in a bad mood, I just look at my fabrics and my mood is lifted. Nothing is ever boring,” she says.

If you’d like to see the fabrics and colors for yourself, check out Kristy’s website at

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