Kimberly Baeth’s Speech Will Provide You With Massive Impact!

kimberly-baeth-insight-on-businessYesterday we shared with you how Kimberly Baeth’s upcoming speech for the Set Sail! Conference will inspire you to new heights. Today we’re sharing how you can get massive impact from the points she plans to share.

Kimberly’s message will be as simple as the ABC’s. A stands for audience, and how you can get a stranger to find what you talk about to be interesting and valuable. B stands for new beginning, and she will encourage every attendee to consider why they do what they do, and how to truly start the New Year fresh. And C stands for confidence. “Your self-concept is the core of your personality and it affects every aspect of human behavior,” she says. In addition, she’ll talk about how you can put a dent in the universe, make connections and create insanely different experiences for people to understand your why behind your business. You can’t help but be inspired by what Kimberly has to say and you’ll leave her speech ready to take on the New Year at the top of your game!

Lucky for you, the upcoming Modern Muse Set Sail Conference is full of speakers designed to inspire you toward momentum for the upcoming year.

If you’d like to hear Kimberly’s story and how it can benefit you and your business, click here for more information and to register!


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