Junk In = Junk Out: You are better than that!

Yesterday we shared more information about Sheree Clark who is one of the Glow! Team members collaborating with Modern Muse behind the scenes to transform you into a fuller expression of who you are being called to be!

Today we are going to share with you more information about the science of Sheree’s approach to eating and why your diet plays an imperative part in true transformation.  You are what you eat!  Junk in = Junk Out!  And it doesn’t hurt that Sheree’s food is tasty too!

How you feel isn’t something you can control if you aren’t controlling what you bring into your body!  This is why:  The human brain is very capable of automatically manufacturing the quantity of chemicals it needs IF it is given the raw materials (nutrients from foods) to do so.

However, normal diet does not supply enough of the raw materials the brain needs to manufacture enough neurotransmitters. Additionally, stress, worry, depression, emotional ups and downs, drugs, alcohol, poor nutrition, pollution and other factors of modern life are known to deplete neurotransmitter levels.

Neurotransmitter deficiency and/or imbalance can affect your stress condition, energy, appetite, cravings, sleep, mood, learning ability, focus, memory, sex drive, anger, irritability, temper, addictions and many other functions of daily life.

All of this leads to whether you transform into a fuller expression of who you are being called to be!  Don’t delay!  Apply to attend Modern Muse’s Glow! retreat today.


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