Introducing Shannissy Catron of Budding Roses Massage!

Over the past few months, we’ve been showcasing our clients at Modern Muse Consulting with a series of blog posts. We think this is a great way not only to highlight the great work they’re doing, but also to connect you with them, too! Last week, we featured Amanda Davis with dlux Solutions. This week, we’re featuring Shannissy Catron of Budding Roses Massage.

Shannissy’s work as a massage therapist, birth doula, and survivor counselor is a result of a “lifetime’s worth of accumulated experiences.” As well it should be, because while these three disciplines might seem at first to be separate fields, they are all connected on a deeply emotional, connective level. “Everyone has trauma of some kind or another,” she says. “Providing someone with safe, healing touch is incredibly important.”

When she was fifteen years old, she met a woman who had had a home birth with a midwife. Shannissy was fascinated by the idea, and soon she began researching midwifery. She had a doula for the birth of her son, and that convinced her that this was something she really wanted to do as a career. In addition to this interest, Shannissy herself experienced abuse from a young age, and her work to let go of the pain and trauma left her with a huge amount of knowledge (not to mention empathy) regarding the healing process and various forms of treatment. She realized that this experience had actually prepared her to enhance her doula business on a more intimate level.

“I feel that my purpose is to spread healing and a sense of connectedness with others, and that that creates a ripple effect that spreads,” says Shannissy. With this notion as her base, and the idea of healing as an overall blanket for her services, Shannissy is focused on creating an environment of empowerment and sisterhood for her clients (not all of whom, by the way, are women). “All of my work is grounded in these principles,” she says. “It’s my heart.”

Whether she’s educating an expectant mother on her birth options as a doula, working to give her client a therapeutic hot-seashell massage, or advocating on behalf of a sexual assault survivor, Shannissy values connecting with her customers on a deep level to deliver healing and wellness.

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