Introducing Seth Fisher with Mel Foster Co. Referral Company!

Over the past several months, we’ve been showcasing our clients at Modern Muse Consulting with a series of blog posts. We think this is a great way not only to highlight the great work they’re doing, but also to connect you with them, too! Last week, we featured Michelle Hemping of MSG Payment Systems. This week, we’re featuring Seth Fisher with Mel Foster Co. Referral Company, LLC.

Seth’s dream of becoming a realtor began when he was young. “Growing up, my next door neighbor always wore a suit, drove new cars, and had a car phone. I thought he was the coolest guy ever! I found out he helped people buy and sell houses. Ever since, I have been dreaming about being a realtor.”

He received his Iowa real estate license back in January after his partner encouraged him, saying, “If selling real estate is what you want to do, then do it!” He worked in the industry until this past September, when his bartending and serving jobs began taking up most of his time. It was becoming harder and harder to find time to get into the office every day and grow his clientele. His license is currently in referral status, which means that he can work as the middle man, helping people to connect with excellent realtors to buy or sell.

Seth lives in the Quad Cities with his partner, Jake, while Jake finishes up his degree in American Sign Language Interpreting. Meanwhile, Seth works at Rhythm City Casino Resort and RAW organic bar in Davenport. They plan to move back to Des Moines in the spring so Seth can get back on track with his real estate goals.

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