Introducing Michelle Hemping of MSG Payment Systems!

Over the past few months, we’ve been showcasing our clients at Modern Muse Consulting with a series of blog posts. We think this is a great way not only to highlight the great work they’re doing, but also to connect you with them, too! Last week, we featured Julee Dole of Hygge Boutique. This week, we’re featuring Michelle Hemping and her company, MSG Payment Systems.

After more than 21 years in a corporate setting, an opportunity came to Michelle Hemping that she couldn’t pass up. Although it was a tough decision to leave a company she’d been loyal to for years, she recognized that this change could help her grow and learn in a new direction, which was an idea that excited her. “This really was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” Michelle says. She decided to make the leap and join the team at MSG Payment Systems in Urbandale in August 2018, where she works with companies to customize payment systems and deliver technology solutions to help streamline operations and efficiencies.

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