How Does Tricia Rivas Do It? Simply Amazing!

tricia_rivas2Yesterday we shared with you why Tricia was selected to be a speaker at Modern Muse’s upcoming Set Sell! conference.  Today we want to share with you some of the success Tricia has achieved in her 20+ year career in the hair & makeup industry and a little bit about who she is personally.

Tricia has been a hairstylist, or daymaker, since 1997.  In that time she has been a employee, rented a styling chair and is now the proud owner of the award winning Trixies Salon. Tricia is also the Iowa representative for PSI and the co- founder of AGAPE which helps women with postpartum depression. Tricia has also founded Saint Monicas Meals at Christ the King Church and most recently a non-profit called Dream Catchers.  DreamCatchers is an organization that gives licensed cosmetologists & massage therapists an opportunity to give complimentary beauty services to the terminally and chronically ill.  She also sits on the East/South Des Moines Chamber board as Vice-President.  She is a proud Southsider!  As you can tell, Tricia has a real passion for giving back to individuals and to her community.

In addition to all of this, Tricia seeks out a balanced lifestyle.  She loves being with her husband Jeremy and her three children Colton 22, Mateo 13 and Marlee 6.   She enjoys camping with friends, watching baseball & football and shopping at her local favorite boutiques.  She has a weakness for a great pair of shoes and handbags.

Do you want to learn more about why Tricia Rivas was selected to speak at Modern Muse’s upcoming Set Sell! conference?  Stay tuned until tomorrow.



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