How Does Kimberly Baeth’s Experience Tie In to This Year’s Set Sail Conference?!


Yesterday we shared with you some of the Kimberly Baeth’s biggest accomplishments. Kimberly will speak at this year’s Set Sail Conference on Jan. 4, 2017. Today we’re giving you a sneak peek at how Kimberly’s experiences are relevant to creating a more profitable and productive business.

Kimberly still recalls the time that she told her husband she quit her job to open a ribbon-cutting business. “He said that I had one year to make a profit or I was going back to work,” she says. And she made $50 at her first job. Since 1997, her idea and passion for creating a niche business out of helping other businesses get their doors open for the first time has grown into a $2 million dollar business with a custom built office & warehouse in Urbandale and a website that offers more than 10,000 products. The successes did not come without significant work, blood, sweat and tears and Kimberly says that at the heart of her success was the ability to not take things too seriously and develop thick skin. Above all, she will encourage the attendees who see her speech to not ever lose the passion. “Bottom line, do what you love, not what you think will make money, pay the bills or even what looks fun. If it’s not fun to you, then you shouldn’t be doing it,” she says. “I knew what a chamber of commerce was when I was five years old. I was destined to do what I do.”

To be inspired by her full story, be sure to register for this year’s conference, which we anticipate will sell out again.

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