How Does Katie Patterson’s Experience Tie In to Our Annual Conference, Set Sail!?

katie-pattersonYesterday we shared with you some of the Katie Patterson’s biggest accomplishments.  As you know, Katie will speak at this year’s Set Sail Conference on Jan. 4, 2017. Today we want to give you a sneak peek at how Katie’s experiences are relevant to creating a more profitable and productive business.

At the heart of everything Modern Muse teach clients is to be intentional in their business efforts so they can create consistent & sustainable growth. Katie’s story is one of inspiration and risk taking, but the running theme throughout her career is that she was very intentional on how she wanted her business to grow.  Her speech, “Finding My Happy Medium: From Agency of One to the Inc. 5000 List,” she will share the advice she would give herself five years ago as she was first launching her company; she’ll review the lessons she learned and where the risks were worth taking. In addition, she will also touch on the importance of company culture and why it’s vital to invest in that side of your business. To be inspired by her full story, be sure to register for this year’s conference, which we anticipate will sell out again.

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