How Do Mastermind Groups Impact Members?

MastermindYesterday we shared with you about the power that lies in Mastermind Groups.  Today we are going to focus on the family that Tiffany & Tracy have created due to embarking on this endeavor in August of 2013. There is a deep admiration, love & respect that pulsates in every encounter this group has with one another!  No one gets “off the hook.”

According to the core group that has stayed together since August of 2013, this is what they value most about this group:

  • According to Sadie Howar, Fresh Image Brand/Marketing Strategist, “Having your own business can be very isolating. This group provides a space to voice challenges, frustrations, victories, and has provided the support I’ve needed to help navigate through the layers of being a business owner.”
  • According to Sara Henderson, Chief Foodie at Bogo Bowl, ” Running a company is exhilarating; there’s always something new to learn. Having a group of trusted advisors to consult on new opportunities and challenges is equal to having a team in your pocket. They’re available to lend knowledge and insight when you need specific feedback, or to simply provide accountability and support when needs are more generalized.”
  • According to Robert Fuller, “Having a group who can share experience and knowledge gives you some amazing shortcuts to solving problems or getting a new approaches to issues. Getting together with like minded people to work through common business issues and share your successes and failures gives you a good way to create benchmarks for area where the group is focused. Another benefit of belonging to a master mind group is that you get to express ideas on how you would tackle issues being brought to the table. If it isn’t your problem, you get to have a better emotional separation from the issue and it allows you to objectively analyze what is being presented. Sometimes the issue is similar to an experience you have had, other times it might be an issue you haven’t ran into yet. Either way, it gets a topic out on the table and allows you to see it from several other people’s point of view and question the approach, analyses and possible resolutions to issues.Beyond the problem solving areas, you can develop a lot of close relationships with members of the group. This brings the soft benefits of having a friend that knows what your goals are. They can send you a quick joke when you are bearing down an issue, challenge you to review your beliefs and create a comradely to drive each other towards the bigger goals and get the bigger wins that take a little more determination.”
  • According to Tracy Fuller with Innovative Events & Event Heroes, “I’ve been in mastermind groups over the years and I always find them a great platform to advance my business. However, I haven’t found a format or group quite like this one.  It amazes me how loyal and determined each of the members are to carve time in their busy schedules to make sure they are available to attend. The theory behind a Mastermind group is that when like-minded people come together to solve a problem, they create a larger universal mind that pulls ideas from the universe. Allowing the group mind to come up with many solutions to the problem vs. one or two minds coming up with solutions. It is amazing how many problems we’ve solved for each other. For me, it was how to write an on-line course, how to move information from my head to paper (not as easy as it sounds), how to price products or services etc.  It’s allowed me to look at my business through eyes and minds of others to find new perspectives.  Your mastermind group, if done right, is an extension of your own brain!  My group is like striking gold in so many ways.”
  • According to Tiffany Tokarz, Modern Muse CEO & Intentional Growth Strategist, “Some of the most challenging realizations surface from our meetings!  In addition to this, I get to be myself.  I get to be sassy & vulnerable and they still love me.”

As you can tell, there are many different reasons why each of the members of this group choose to stay involved with their Mastermind.  If you are interested in joining one, contact Linda Minks at


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