How Did Modern Muse Set Sail?

Sail BoatLast week we discussed the power of Mastermind Groups.  Today we want to share with you why Masterminds are being discussed as Modern Muse lays the foundation for how their upcoming conference called Set Sell!

The reason is because without Tiffany’s involvement with her Mastermind group, she would have never had the courage to pursue the thought of hosting annual conferences.  The only reason why she chose to do this is because Tracy Fuller believed in her.  As you know Tracy has been the event planner for several successful conferences and she told Tiffany that she thought she could do it.

Tiffany respects Tracy so much that she thought, “Well if Tracy says I can, I must be able to do it!”  Do you want to know how the rest of this story unfolds?  Tune in tomorrow!


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