How can we be recognized in this world?

As we made mention yesterday, this is 10-week exploration of a journey with a very specific destination. And yet where to begin the story isn’t as clear. Doesn’t that seem to be the case with all great stories? The first step always seems to be the hardest. With that being said, we decided to first explain why we decided to embark upon this 10-week exploration and why this might be of value to you!

A couple of weeks ago Tiffany Tokarz, owner of Modern Muse Consulting, was having a conversation with a gentleman about her company. He stated very confidently that his belief was that in order for her to be recognized in the world she would need to experience a tragic accident or some other type of life-changing event. What a bold statement!

She left this experience thinking, “Is that true? Is that the only way in which I can become more relevant in the world? And if that is true, how sad is that?” She decided in that moment that she was going to share her story with the intent to inspire others to live their life out loud in the present moment. What a gift that man had given her! Don’t wait another day to embrace your story. It’s your story. It’s your journey. In the details of your journey, lies your purpose and you are the only one who can serve that purpose. This is guiding principle #1 of Modern Muse.

If you are a sales professional who is interested in exploring your greater purpose, we have a few openings in one of Modern Muse’s Intentional Growth Groups that we are currently filling.


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