Here’s A Highlight of What Attendees Can Plan to Get out of Happy Medium’s Breakout Session!

happy-mediumYesterday we shared with you an overview of Happy Medium’s upcoming breakout session for the Modern Muse Set Sail! Conference taking place this coming January. Today we’re sharing what attendees may get out of their presentation and why you should register for the conference at this very moment.

Does your company already have a social media presence? Did you know that having a Facebook page for your business is now just as important as having a website? Do you know how many times to retweet and how many are enough? If the mere thought of handling social media strategy gives you a headache, then this breakout session is the perfect solution.

If you choose to attend this session, you’ll get insight into how to manage your social media to impact the results you achieve.  Do you know which numbers matter? You will after attending this session. Are you unsure whether Instagram is the right platform for your business? Grace & Tabitha will walk attendees through all of these questions. In their current position with Happy Medium, Grace & Tabitha develop and implement goal-oriented digital marketing strategies for clients in a wide variety of industries. Their presentation is sure to give you tips and tactics that you can help you get a handle on the importance of social media marketing!

 Don’t miss this year’s Set Sail! Conference, happening on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017 in Des Moines.

Last year’s conference did sell out and we’re expecting the same for this year.

For more information and to register, click here.


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